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For Healthcare Professionals

Applying to Hospice Halifax

Hospice Halifax is a 10-bed hospice residence for patients who require end-of-life care. It’s an option for patients with end-of-life care needs that can’t be met at home and who don’t require admission to an acute care facility.

Healthcare professionals can use the Eligibility and Requests for Assessment Criteria to determine if hospice care is a good option for your patient.

If hospice care is a good option, please complete and send a Hospice Request for Assessment Form to Hospice Halifax on your patient’s behalf.

Hospice Halifax

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Making your care wishes known:

Information Booklet – Here is an Information Booklet to help you and loved ones prepare for living at the end of life.

Advance Care Planning – SpeakUp! Canada has information and a workbook to help you discuss and make your plans, in advance of when you may need it, for how you wish to be cared for.

Serious Illness Conversations – Read these tips and tools.

Personal Directivea free app is available from the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia. This helps you to document who will speak for you, and follow your wishes/ directions for care, in the event you cannot speak for yourself.

Goals of Care Form – A person’s goals of care are their overall priorities and expectations for health care based on their personal values, perception of quality of life, and what is meaningful and important to them. Completing this form will inform your health care provider of your goals. 

The Nova Scotia Green Sleeve – this is a place to keep important documents. These documents can help patients communicate their health care plans, goals, and care wishes to their health care providers. Learn more.

Home Based Care:

Continuing Care – you can self refer for assessment. Continuing Care Services are provided to eligible people who need care outside of the hospital in their home and community. The toll-free number is 1-800-225-7225. This number operates between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., seven days a week. Call to learn more about what options are available to you.

Emergency Health Services – Special Patient Program (SPP) – The SPP was developed to maintain the quality of life for people with rare conditions, unique care needs, or those who are receiving palliative care. The program ensures that paramedics know about the patient’s special needs – so when EHS is called to help, paramedics will have quick access to the information they need about you or your loved one. Speak to your provider about registering for this program. Learn More.

General Information and Resources in Nova Scotia – are available on the Nova Scotia Health Intranet.

Palliative Care Home Drug Program – The form for this program is completed by the patient’s provider of Palliative Care. The program covers the cost of drugs needed to manage symptoms associated with end-of-life-care beyond the patient’s regular coverage. The list of drugs is based on the pan-Canadian Gold Standards for Palliative Care. Learn more.

Virtual Hospice – provides patient, family and provider online information and support on Advanced Illness, Palliative Care and Grief for all ages. Learn more.

The Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line – provides crisis intervention for children, youth and adults experiencing a mental health crisis or mental distress.The hotlines are toll-free and available to help 24/7, or go to your closest emergency department.