Explore Hospice Halifax with Dr. Stephanie Connidis, our medical director, in this 6-minute, informative virtual tour.

A Place Like Home

The new 10-bed hospice residence for patients from Nova Scotia and their families is now open at 618 Francklyn Street in Halifax.

Hospice Halifax is a place like home for patients who require end-of-life care. It’s an option for patients with end-of-life care needs that can’t be met at home and who don’t require admission to an acute care facility.

Staying at the hospice residence is free of charge, with costs for medication that are similar to what you may have paid while at home. 

How do I apply?

1. Ask your most responsible healthcare professional (family physician, nurse practitioner, specialist, or Palliative Care Consult Team member, for example) if hospice care is a good option for you. Use the Applying to Hospice Halifax [please see the sidebar for brochures in French, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Spanish] brochure to help with the discussion.

2. Your most responsible healthcare professional will use the Eligibility and Requests for Assessment Criteria to determine if hospice care is a good option for you. If hospice care is a good option, they will send a Hospice Request for Assessment Form to Hospice Halifax on your behalf.

3. Hospice Halifax will review your request and will be in touch with your most responsible healthcare professional. Admission to Hospice Halifax is based on applicants’ care needs. Read a sample Admission Agreement.

We strive to meet eligible applicants’ requests. Hospice Halifax, and other hospice residences under development in our province, are part of a strategy to offer hospice care in the community.