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SNEAK PEEK: Feeling the Love 2023

At Hospice Halifax we are passionate about bringing comfort and joy to our community. That’s why we are so excited to announce our signature event, Feeling the Love is back.  At Feeling the Love, there will be something for everyone. We will have a variety of activities, including music performances, silent auctions, games and more. […]

What We Are Reading, Listening to and Watching

What we are Reading, Watching and Listening to We believe knowledge strengthens our community. Education and awareness about end of life care options can help give patients, families, volunteers, community members, and donors peace of mind surrounding death.  Each quarter of 2023 various members of our team will be sharing any grief related content they […]

Canadian Love Map Podcast

This week our team was featured on the Canadian Love Map podcast. Canadian Love Map is a podcast that shares the untold stories of discovery, loss, curiosity and love. It is hosted by Nancy Regan. On this weeks episode they discuss how Hospice Halifax’s approach to palliative or end-of-life care encompasses not just the physical, […]

T’s Jokes

Care at Hospice Halifax is more than just clinical end-of-life care. It is also creating meaningful moments for patients and families to enjoy every last day. One patient this month, we will call him T, was always in such a great mood. They passed the time by completing puzzles and telling jokes. T told so […]

Early Blooms

Thank you for another month of giving and enabling compassionate end-of-life care in your community! As we enter May, we’re looking forward to spring and all the sunshine, warmth, and outdoor activities that come with it, including more opportunities to engage with you! Spring and sunshine have been the overarching theme for patients, visitors, and […]

A Visit From Our NEIGHbour

Ben the Horse header image

This month we saw the liveliness the spring air brought to our residence and celebrated with a special visit from one of our neighbours from the Halifax Lancers. Ben and an enthusiastic group from the local Halifax Lancers stopped by to visit an old friend who was staying at hospice and spread his joy with […]

D’s Pop-Up Cinema

ds popup cinema

Several months ago, the staff at Hospice Halifax went all-in on planning an incredible ‘night at the cinema’ in our Centre for Training and Education (CTE) on the top floor of our residence. We filled the room with Candy, popcorn, cozy seats, big projection screen – the works! We even joked about spilling some pop […]

What to Do When Grief Overshadows Holiday Cheer

A woman grieving

Happiness, togetherness, celebration – these are words often associated with this time of year, when many holidays are celebrated around the world. We see and hear this on our television screens, phones and radios, reminding us that this is a time of year for cheer.

Your Will Can Make a Difference

Hospice Halifax patient and their families

Hospice Halifax has partnered with Will Power, a national movement to educate Canadians on the power they have to make a difference through their Wills. Can I Really Make a Difference with My Will? Common Myths that Get in the Way of Your Will Power: In short, yes. By leaving a gift to Hospice Halifax in your […]

A Note from Gordon

Gordon, past CEO

I am writing to let you know that I will retire as CEO of Hospice Halifax in November 2021. My time as CEO has been exciting and rewarding, and I am so proud to have played a role in building, opening and running the province’s first hospice. The timing is right for both me and […]

Deborah Coleman reflects on her family’s experience at Hospice Halifax

Hospice Halifax View

One year ago on April 17th we had our grand opening. Today marks the one year anniversary of the first patient we admitted to Hospice Halifax. Since that day, we have welcomed 127 patients and their families, from ages 26 to 99. The average length of stay for patients has been 21 days. We have […]

Feeling the Love – Sneak Peek 2020

Feeling the Love Dinner and Dance Party

Our Feeling the Love event is quickly approaching! We have received some amazing support from our community, and we are pleased to provide a sneak peek a some of the amazing packages at this year’s Silent Auction…but don’t tell anyone…

$1-Million Gift from J & W Murphy Foundation

Three women reflecting by the water

On behalf of our staff, board members, volunteers, donor partners, and future hospice patients and families, I express sincere gratitude to the Murphy family, and the J & W Murphy Foundation, for their generous contribution of $1-million to Hospice Halifax. Their gift will cover the costs of the hospice residence’s architectural design, which focuses on […]

Audrey Parker: Honouring a Lifetime

Audrey Parker

Welcome. Please see below a penned letter from Audrey Parker to Hospice Halifax and her full obituary, published in The Chronicle Herald on November 2, 2018. A penned letter from Audrey Parker: Why is it that we believe that our first breath is so much more important than our last? I think society has it […]