Due to open its doors in 2018, Hospice Halifax will offer care that makes the dying process respectful and dignified. Residents will be treated in a home-like setting that allows loved ones to focus on being family and friends instead of caregivers. Please consider purchasing a gift from the list below. These gifts represent the type of services that Hospice Halifax will be able to provide to our residents with your donation.

  • Legacy | $250

    We all want to leave something special to those who mean the most to us. Words of comfort, shared memories and the wisdom of life lessons learned are more valuable than material possessions. Written and video based legacy projects provide great comfort to those we leave behind. Your gift of $250 will pair one of our residents with a trained volunteer who will work with them to create their own legacy project to share with family and friends.

  • Furry Friends | $150

    Ever felt the stress of a bad day melt away after cuddling with a furry friend? Spending time with animals provides a special kind of healing. Your gift of $150 will provide one of our residents with undivided attention on from our furry caregivers.

  • Family Holiday Dinner | $100

    Holiday meals with family and friends provide us with some of our most cherished memories. Your gift of $100 will ensure the tradition of a family holiday dinner can be enjoyed by one of our residents.

  • Music Therapy | $75

    Music is healing medicine for mind, body and spirit. Your gift of $75 will provide one of our residents with one hour of personalized musical healing from a professional music therapist.

  • Healing Touch | $50

    We all need the healing touch of others. Your gift of $50 will provide one of our residents with an hour of healing touch or therapeutic massage from one of our professional therapists.

  • Connect to Loved Ones | $25

    Help keep our residents connected to loved ones far from home. Your gift of $25 helps fund computer equipment and internet connectivity so our residents can be face-to-face with family and friends even if they live far away.