Kelly was a person who would light up a room the moment she walked in the door. She loved life. She loved her family.

She loved her work and the joy that she could bring to her colleagues for a job well done.

When Kelly started to become easily confused and forgot the details of the task at hand, her family knew something was wrong. In her early 40s, something changed in Kelly and she eventually was diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

When it became clear that Kelly needed end of life care, her doctor contacted Hospice Halifax and arranged for Kelly’s family to see the Hospice for themselves.

Not long after Kelly came to the Hospice she attended a party in the garden. She had her hands massaged. The nurses remembered to leave her music on in the night so she wouldn’t wake up confused or feel alone. This is Hospice Care.

Joanne, the Housekeeper, would keep an eye on Kelly as she cleaned her room. When the nurses were looking after Kelly they would take the time to explain what they were doing —changing her bed linen, washing her hair, checking her medications. This is Hospice Care.

Kelly’s parents were offered massage therapy. After months of being full-time caregivers to Kelly they were both tired – physically and emotionally – and full of tension. With Kelly at the Hospice, Sue and David went back to being just her parents, not her caregivers. This is Hospice Care.

Sue and David, her parents, were greeted at the door by the nursing and medical staff. After a tour of the Hospice Sue and David were shown ‘Kelly’s room’. Already hers, it was a place for her to be loved. Ready to help the family and ensure that Kelly would be looked after, like family, in her final days. This is Hospice Care.

Hospice Halifax looks after the whole person. Our holistic care is designed to look after every need of not only our patients but also those close to them. Beyond medical care, Hospice Halifax cares for the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients. All of these things matter so those in our care are able to die in peace, with dignity, and with respect. This is Hospice Care.

Since opening in May of 2019 Hospice Halifax has cared for over 150 patients and their families. Each patient is looked after as an individual. Each patient is treated with compassion and respect.

Hospice Halifax relies on donations from the public to provide a high-quality end of life care. Every donation we receive means that more patients like Kelly and families like hers can access our care completely free of charge.

Please give now to make Hospice Care a reality for more patients and their families. Your gift will ensure that Hospice Halifax can continue to provide end of life care to our community. Thank you for your support.