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T’s Jokes


Care at Hospice Halifax is more than just clinical end-of-life care. It is also creating meaningful moments for patients and families to enjoy every last day. One patient this month, we will call him T, was always in such a great mood. They passed the time by completing puzzles and telling jokes. T told so many jokes we created a joke book in his honor. Here are some of our favourites:

CTA Cole: You have all the jokes done you?

T: Yeah you can call me Milla JOKEovich (referencing Milla Jovovich an actor)

CTA Cole *Finished cutting T’s toenails

T: Well it looks like we have deFEETed the problem!

Admin Amy: Brr, I am cold, going to shut the window because I have a chill!

T: Oh you got a chill? Good thing I am not giving you the cold shoulder!

*Phone Rings*

Nurse answers: Hello, just one moment please *passes phone to T*

T: Sorry, that was just my assistant

Hospice Halifax is a compassionate and supportive community of staff, volunteers, and donors dedicated to making dying and living as comfortable and as meaningful as possible at the end of life.  

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