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Hospice Halifax is committed to providing a rewarding experience for our volunteers and an exceptional level of service for our clients.

Volunteers are integral members of the Hospice care team. From the front desk reception to the volunteer at the bedside, volunteers matter so much because they play an important role in all of the programs and services we provide every day.

Volunteers will be given a safe, respectful, and supportive environment to facilitate meaningful contributions and effective involvement.


We ask that volunteers make a 12 month commitment, serving a minimum of 4 hours per month. Special consideration is given to individuals with unique skills (Professional Volunteers) that are not needed on a regular basis, one time Event volunteers, and students who are only available at specific periods during the academic year.

Login to the Volunteer Portal

To login to your online volunteer Volgistics account click the link below.

Download the Vlogistics App

There’s now a free mobile app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store called VicNet. It uses an orange icon with a white “V”. The app will keep you logged in so you don’t need to log in every time you want to use it. 


Interested in a postition or have questions:

Current Volunteer Opportunities


Nav-CARE Volunteer

Nav-CARE Volunteers support the quality of life of clients living at home with declining health by: addressing quality of life concerns, advocating for clients and families, facilitating community connections, and promoting active engagement.

The Compassionate Closet

Front of Shop Volunteer

Front of Shop Volunteers for The Compassionate Closet help with merchandising, displays and styling, clothing distribution and rack maintenance, greeting and customer service, and current seasonal projects.

The Compassionate Closet

Back of Shop Volunteer

Back of Shop Volunteers for The Compassionate Closet help with receiving donations, sorting donations, hanging and racking donations, tagging and pricing donations, steaming/cleaning donations, and organization.

Hospice Residence

Support Volunteer

Support Volunteers work primarily with patients of Hospice Halifax and their families. Their role is focused on the comfort of the patients and families, providing services, programs, and  general support. Support Volunteers are providing the best service to patients and families  when they are successfully anticipating their needs. Their direct supervisors are Social Work & Programs Manager and any member of the care team that is on-shift at that time.

Hospice Residence

Reception / Admin Volunteer

Reception/Admin volunteers work primarily at the reception desk near the front entrance of  Hospice Halifax. Their role is focused on assisting patients, their families, and community  members when they enter the building.

Hospice Residence

Professional Volunteer

Professional Volunteers are characterized by a specific skill-set that allows them to offer a specialized service to patients and families.

Examples include: Art Therapists, Photographers, Registered Counselling Therapists, Yoga Instructor, Hairstylists / Barbers / Estheticians, Registered Massage Therapists, Animal-Assisted Therapists, Attorneys and Energy Workers

Hospice Residence

On-the-Go Grief Group Volunteer

This volunteer position will help with set up (greet and COVID screen attendees, check “on-the-go” backpack supplies and designate timekeeper), introduction (review group guidelines, plan route and theme for discussion) and closing (return by 7:30pm, inform next date and complete post-group notes)

Hospice Residence

Hospice Attendant

Hospice Attendant volunteers offer support throughout Hospice Halifax, across all departments. The focus of this position is supporting patients and their families, from visiting with patients to making cookies and coffee in the great room for family members. Tasks will vary depending on the comfort level of the volunteer and the needs of the patients on any particular day. These volunteers will also support Food Services, Housekeeping, and provide general support when needed. Their direct supervisor is the People Services Manager.

Hospice Residence

Food Services Volunteer

Food Services Volunteers work primarily in the kitchen assisting with meal preparation. Their  role is focused on the provision of snacks and meals as per patient and family needs and  requests.

Hospice Residence

Bereavement Support Group Facilitator

This volunteer will help with program facilitation and assist in the provision of grief and bereavement services for guests, their families, and community members. Services are offered in person and virtually.

Application Process

Individuals must meet several requirements to volunteer with Hospice Halifax:

  1. Interested applicants can complete Hospice Halifax’s online volunteer application, indicating areas of interest, availability and skills.
  2. Applications are screened and applicants who demonstrate applicable experience, education and skills are contacted for an interview.
  3. Selected applicants are asked to provide the names of two references, proof of vaccination and obtain a Criminal Record Check, and Vulnerable Sector Check if applicable to role.
  4. Successful applicants will be directed to orientation and training, both general and role specific. Applicants who are not working directly with patients and families, such as Compassionate Closet or Event volunteers may not need to complete the full general screening process.
  5. Volunteers will be required to commit to 4 hours per month for a minimum of 1 year (exception of Professional and Event volunteers)
    • Depending on when we receive an application, it can take up to 6 months before a volunteer has met all requirements and is ready to be assigned a shift.
    • Please note that not everyone is accepted for the position for which they apply.
    • Friends and family of former patients may apply to volunteers at Hospice Halifax one year after the death of their loved one.
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