Family announces $4-million donation to transform palliative care in Nova Scotia

On behalf of our staff, board members, volunteers, donor partners, and future hospice patients and families, I express sincere gratitude to the Murphy family, and the J & W Murphy Foundation, for their generous contribution of $1-million to Hospice Halifax. Their gift will cover the costs of the hospice residence’s architectural design, which focuses on sustainability, and all furniture, fixtures, and equipment in the hospice. Today’s announcement puts more wind in our sails as we work toward opening the doors to patients and families on April 8.

–Gordon Neal, CEO, Hospice Halifax

The QEII Foundation revealed that $3-million of the family’s donation will be the catalyst in creating an Endowed Chair in Palliative Care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, and $1-million will provide critical funding for Nova Scotia’s new hospice residence, Hospice Halifax.

Construction on the hospice residence is nearing the home stretch. Tile flooring is being placed on all levels of the building. Bathroom and light fixtures are being installed and patient rooms are being painted. Outside, the sidewalks and concrete pads are being laid, and Equitone, a specialty finish, continues to be installed next to doorways, windows, and brick surfaces.

The hospice residence will cost $6.5 million to build. Hospice Halifax secured a $5 million repayable loan to start construction, financing that must be repaid in full. Our pledged donations from private partners and community members – including the generous $1-million gift from the J & W Murphy Foundation announced today, February 26 – total $5.5 million.

There’s more work to be done to raise the $1 million needed to finish the project. Hospice Halifax is working hard with prospective donor partners and community members to make this happen.

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We’re opening a 10-bed hospice residence at 618 Francklyn Street in Halifax on April 8, 2019. Every year, Hospice Halifax will welcome about 150 Nova Scotian patients who have a terminal illness and are nearing the end of their lives. About 1,800 community members – patients’ extended family, friends and peers – will also have access to support at hospice. Our services will be free-of-charge.