Hospice Halifax is dedicated to supporting people affected by life-limiting illness, death, grief or loss. We are a non-sectarian, registered charitable organization.


Compassion is the foundation of our work with residents, families, volunteers and with each other.

Resident and Family Centeredness

Residents and their families are central to our mission and, as such, their care and support is individualized to meet their unique needs and choices. For residents, it’s about living fully. For families and friends, it’s about finding ways to support that process while at the same time caring for oneself. We believe in listening, advocating, and in honouring the needs of the individual and their loved ones.

Community Engagement and Volunteerism

Community engagement is the cornerstone to our success. We constantly strive to build a sense of community underpinned by trust, collaboration and mutual respect for our residents, their families, volunteers and each other.


Hospice Halifax values an inclusive environment and the contributions of diverse individuals. We are committed to the autonomy and dignity of each person in their choices. We strive to provide support and services that affirm the identities, realities, backgrounds, experiences, skills and perspectives that make each person who they are.


As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we serve the public interest by ethically fulfilling our obligations, acting with integrity, giving back to the community, and delivering quality, professional hospice care.

Education and Advocacy

Education of our hospice residents, their families, volunteers, health care professionals and Hospice Halifax staff enable informed choices while simultaneously helping awareness of the hospice movement to grow.