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COVID-19 Update

Update: May 26, 2022

Please do not visit if you have symptoms of illness or if you should be isolating for any reason.

Visitors are still asked to visit 2 at a time in a patient’s room and not to gather/wait in groups in the building.

Visitors must still wear a medical-grade mask (or their own KN95/N95 mask) in the building.

Visitors will still be signed in for fire safety purposes.

Visitors who are not double-vaccinated must let staff know and they will be provided with a rapid test. A negative rapid test result is required before visiting in the building.

Rapid Tests
We have plenty of rapid tests for any visitor/family member who wants one.

Common spaces
Our common spaces will follow the official gathering limits.

Bereavement group attendees and counselling clients
At this time, confirmation of double-vaccination status is still required for in-person attendance at a bereavement group and counselling sessions.